NameSymbaroum: Davokar Game Master’s Screen
EAN / ISBN7350105220128
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This Game Master’s Screen for the Symbaroum roleplaying game is designed to function as an aid when exploring the wilderness areas of the game world, and more specifically the vast forest of Davokar. Inside, the Game Master will find a summary of the exploration guidelines that were introduced in the adventure module Symbar – Mother of Darkness, along with a collection of tables related to the rules. In addition, the Davokar Game Master’s Screen introduces a unique list of treasures, along with a number of tables which can be used to randomly generate ruins that will challenge and entice any group of explorers.

No matter if traveling through the wilds is a goal in itself or a remarkably eventful stretch of a much grander journey, this Game Master’s Screen will prove a valuable aid and help avoid the need to excessively browse the rulebooks.

Note that the content of the screen can be used without access to other products, but that it does not come into its own without the Symbaroum Core Rulebook and Symbar – Mother of Darkness.


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