NameDart, Optimate Huntress (Submachine gun, Grenades)
article numberINF280863
EAN / ISBN2808630007561
Release date25.01.2019
On-sale date25.01.2019
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I’m Dart, the deadly Bow Huntress and the Champion of Aura Biochemicals in Aristeia! This earned me more glory and fame than I could ever have imagined, to the point that I was given the option of being remade as a Posthuman. And, suddenly, I was no longer just the heroine of Aura Biochemicals, I was also the heroine of humanity’s vanguard and of ALEPH itself.
Sale Info: If you missed the Convention exclusive edition, do not worry, now it's time to get the regular release, adding it to your ALEPH force (REF:280020-0730).


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