NameGolden Crucible Prospero Blister Pack
EAN / ISBN875582023972
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Had destiny chosen a different path for him, Prospero would have been one of the greatest warcasters to grace the Order of the Golden Crucible and the Crucible Guard. But Prospero was not to achieve his full potential. When the Khadorans assaulted Llael, Propsero’s body was destroyed. To preserve his life, his brother, Aurum Adeptus Syvestro, had his brain placed in a new body. Now Prospero is a towering mechanikal man. Visual and audio receivers feed him sensory data, and he can once again interact with the living world. But the towering warcaster talent he once displayed has been muted, suppressed by his time spent in darkness and the new, unfamiliar form he now inhabits.
TRADE POINTS: Prospero supports warjacks both by controlling them himself and by being near them. As such, he fits in well with armies that want to run many warjacks, whether they are those found in the Crucible Guard Toro/Vindicator/Suppressor Heavy Warjack Kit (PIP 37011) or the Retaliator (PIP 37009) and Liberator (PIP 37010) light warjacks.


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