NameGolden Crucible Guard Storm Troopers RESIN Box
EAN / ISBN875582023903
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Storm trooper squadrons provide the Crucible Guard with a hard counterpunch. Equipped with pneumatic concussion cannons, storm troopers can engage concentrations of light infantry. Their ammunition is highly explosive, combining a number of catalytic agents to magnify the blasting power of the charge to produce deadly concussion waves on impact. The storm troopers are ideal for clearing fortified positions like bunkers and trenches, where the shockwave of their munitions is amplified by close quarters and enemies are likely to be tightly packed.
TRADE POINTS: The Crucible Guard Storm Troopers are the ranged-weapon-carrying fellows of the Crucible Guard Assault Troopers (PIP 37021). They can truly shine in armies led by Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr. Clogg (PIP 37015) or Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray (PIP 37012).


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