NameIron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy: Monsternomicon
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In the Iron Kingdoms peril lurks at every turn, as fearsome and terrifying creatures both great and small look to turn unwary adventurers into their next meal or enslave them beyond death. From ferocious packs of ravenous burrow-mawgs to deadly ethereal pistol wraiths that haunt the back roads and forgotten cemeteries, the Monsternomicon is filled with creatures both mundane and supernatural to challenge even the most experienced adventuring parties. This essential full-color guide to the wicked denizens of the Iron Kingdoms gives you everything you need to introduce them into your own adventures. Features: • Rich, evocative background information and stats for over 40 monsters. • New creature templates for customizing your monsters to fit specific environments and themes. • Fully compatible with both the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game and the upcoming Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game.


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