NameKhador Unit - Assault Kommandos (10) (repack) Box
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Sturmkommandos Box
Assault Kommando troops advance upon the enemy behind a wall of shields, opening fire with their carbines and poisoning the air with choking gas. Their masks protect them from the lingering effects of their own insidious weaponry while allowing their vision to pierce the fog of war. Brutal and effective, the Assault Kommandos are the edge of the Khadoran sword of conquest.

The Assault Kommando unit comes in a box (PIP 33100). A player may field up to two Assault Kommando units for each warcaster in a Khador army.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 33100 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 33046. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 33100 replaces PIP 33046 and PIP 33047 by offering their contents in a complete unit.


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