NameCircle Orboros Gallows Grove Solos Blister (plastic)
article numberPIP72063
Release date22.02.2012
On-sale date23.02.2012
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An ancient manifestation of the Devourer Wurm?s conscious will, the gallows grove flourishes on soil soaked in the blood of sacrifice and violent massacres. Possessing an unsettling approximation of sentience, these gnarled trees might vanish only to reappear where the blood flows most freely. Powerful druids of the Circle are able to feed their will into these conduits of power and then unleash it upon those marked for death. The very presence of these trees saps vitality from the living as wounds gape wide to pour blood upon the thirsty roots of their destroyers.
The Gallows Grove solos come two in a blister (PIP 72063). A player may field four Gallows Groves for each warlock in a Circle Orboros army.


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