NameMinion Gatorman Blackhide Wrastler Heavy Warbeast Box
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Schwarzschuppen-Greifer Schweres Warbeast
Gators of voracious appetites, the massive blackhide wrastlers can easily drag the mightiest foes down to be shredded in a flurry of teeth and claws. They are also highly territorial beasts that glide through the swamps and shallows to sink their teeth into anyone who wanders close to gator-held land.
The Blackhide Wrastler heavy warbeast comes in a box (PIP 75023). A player may field any number of Blackhide Wrastlers for each warlock in a Blindwater Congregation Minion army.
Ordering Note ? The Blackhide Wrastler is the first warbeast available for the Blindwater Congregation Minion pact. We recommend ordering about twice as many Blackhide Wrastlers as you would order other Minion models.


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