NameMinion Gatorman Warlock - Bloody Barnabas Blister
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Barnabas der Blutige
Bloody Barnabas is an aged gatorman warlock and a veteran of countless battles. In the wilds of western Immoren, only a gator of surpassing strength and tenacity could hope to reach his level of combat expertise. Barnabas calls upon the great warbeasts of the swamps to combat his foes, and he directs their attacks with cunning precision. Before his hungry children swarm, Barnabas summons a magical black tide to choke the enemies of the congregation, leaving them vulnerable.
Bloody Barnabas is a Gatorman warlock that comes in a blister (PIP 75022). A player may field one Bloody Barnabas in a Blindwater Congregation Minion army.


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