NameTrollblood Trollkin Scout Unit (6) Box
Erscheinungstermin6. Oktober 2010
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Kundschafter der Trollsippe Box
Trollkin scouts stand out as rugged and resourceful in a race known for their ability to endure. These nomadic trollkin are skilled hunters who live off the land in tight-knit communities on the outer edges of trollkin society. They are peerless woodsmen capable of stealthily burying an axe in an enemy within the densest of forests or charging with a battle cry and a barrage of thrown hunting axes. A kriel that can entice these isolated cousins to join them gains superb hunters who excel at irregular warfare. The Trollkin Scout unit comes in a box (PIP 71048). A player may field two Trollkin Scouts units for each warlock in a Trollblood army.


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