NameProtectorate Vigilant Light Warjack Box (plastic)
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Vigilant Leichter Warjack
The Vigilant?s twin fist-mounted shields make it an incredibly durable light warjack. The tremendous area covered by its towering shields provides nearly unassailable shelter from even the most devastating of enemy artillery fire. Warcasters favor the Vigilant for its great utility, not only is it like a small, mobile battlement but since it carries no weapons its hands are free to hurl enemy combatants about like ragdolls. The ?jack?s unsophisticated weaponry and cortex make it easy and inexpensive to manufacture, ensuring its place among the Menite crusaders for years to come.
This box contains parts necessary to assemble one Vigilant light warjack plastic model (PIP 32068), plus a color unit stat card (not shown). A player may field any number of Vigilant light warjacks in a Protectorate of Menoth army.


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